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What is AWK?

  • AWK is a programming language typically for text processing
  • AWK is an established, solid, stable language - invented in 1977.
  • Named after its authors: Alfred Aho, Peter Weinberger and Brian Kernighan.
  • AWK is commonly pronounced as an acronym, like the bird Auk.
  • See below for more information and links.

What is this website for?

  • On this website you can experiment with small AWK programs, and explore how AWK programs work.
  • Like other programing language (e.g Perl and Python), AWK is more commonly used on servers, or on your local laptop/desktop computer (as opposed to your webbrowser).

AWK Examples

The most common scenario is running an AWK program (or script) on a given input file, to produce some output file.

Choose an example below, and click run to see how AWK processes the input file.

You can also modify the AWK program and run it.


Input File

1   A
2   B
3   C
4   D

AWK program

BEGIN { print "Hello from Web/AWK World" } $2 ~ /C/ { print $1 * 2 }



Learn more!

Running AWK on your computer

If you're using Apple's OS-X, or a linux (e.g. Ubuntu) - you already have AWK installed!

If you're using Microsoft Windows, you can download the program here: GNU AWK for Windows.

About WebAWK

WebAWK is an AWK program compiled into Javascript.

See source code and technical details here: https://github.com/agordon/webawk.